Create Data Models using AWS Amplify and Populate Data

Ali Spittel
InstructorAli Spittel

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Published 3 months ago
Updated 3 weeks ago

To start with our application, we first need some content to display on our app. In, we can create two models, our Post and Blog models that we will populate with data.

Instructor: [0:00] First, we'll need to create the data models for our app. Head to to get started. Click "get started," and then choose data. We'll start with a blank schema. Then we'll add two models. First, blog and second, post.

[0:18] The blog will be a publication that has a collection of posts attached to it. The blog will have a name. Post will have title and content. All the fields will be strings that will make title required and name required. We'll also have a one-to-many relationship between blog and post.

[0:37] Each blog will have many posts attached to it, then click save. This is the data schema for our app.