Deploy Data Models on AWS Amplify

Ali Spittel
InstructorAli Spittel

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Published a year ago
Updated a year ago

To be able to have our data public, we first need to deploy our data models. We will click deploy and follow the prompts.

Instructor: [0:00] Now we'll go ahead and deploy our data models. Note that if you wanted to, you could go to the test tab and test your app out locally without having an AWS account. The data model that we created will be available online and offline.

[0:13] You can test just the offline capabilities without needing to deploy it. If you want your data to be online and offline, we'll need to deploy it to the Cloud. On the deploy page, choose between needing an AWS account and having one. I have one, so I'll log into mine.

[0:32] Then choose an app name. You'll also want to choose a deployment region. Choose one that's close to your customers. Your app will take a few minutes to deploy.