Create a Cloudflare Workers Account

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Published 2 years ago
Updated 2 years ago

To deploy a Cloudflare Workers serverless function, you'll need to sign up for a free Cloudflare Workers account at, and select your unique subdomain to deploy your functions to.

Kristian Freeman: [0:02] To deploy our first serverless function to Cloudflare Workers, we'll need to sign up for a Cloudflare Workers account and pick our subdomain. Navigate to, and click the Sign up button.

[0:13] Here, I'll just put a new email and password. Once I've created my account, I can pick my Cloudflare Workers subdomain. Every user of Cloudflare Workers has their own unique sub domain, which means that I can deploy, for instance,

[0:41] In this case, I'll just put my name, Kristian. Oh, looks like it's not available, so I'll do For instance, I can see, "A Worker named my worker would be deployed to"

[0:58] I'll click setup, and then I can choose my worker's plan. Right now, there's two plans. The Free plan is obviously $ and includes 100,000 requests per day as well as access to worker's KV. For now, this is all we need to deploy our first serverless function.

[1:15] Though if you ever find yourself working with a worker that has a ton of requests or needs a lot more features, you can check out Workers Bundle. That's only $5 per month.

[1:24] The last thing to do is to confirm my email. Here, I have my Cloudflare, "Please verify your email address." I'll just click this link. Now, I've verified my account, and I'm in the Workers' Dashboard.