Create True end-to-end Tests with Cypress

InstructorAndy Van Slaars

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Integration tests let us keep our tests fast and reliable. They also allow us to test scenarios that are hard to recreate in a full end-to-end setup. That being said, we should round out our test suite with some high-level smoke tests. In this lesson, we’ll create some tests that seed our data-source and avoid stubbing our network calls, allowing us to test all parts of the application while using known data to keep our tests flake-free.

Alex Sol
Alex Sol
~ 2 years ago

There is a problem for newer versions of react if bulk load, delete are used from api of server.js: TypeError: router.db.setState(...).then is not a function (I got an 500 error in Cypress). It can be fixed by removing function in "then" construction and sending status 200 directly in server.js. E.g. for "delete": server.delete('/api/todos/all', (req, res) => { router.db.setState({todos:[]}).then(res.sendStatus(200)); });