Introduction to Create an eCommerce Store with Next.js and Stripe Checkout

Colby Fayock
InstructorColby Fayock

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Published 2 years ago
Updated a year ago

Hello and welcome to my course Create an eCommerce Store with Next.js and Stripe Checkout! Watch the video for a sneak peek into what we will be going over. I hope you enjoy it.

Colby Fayock: [0:00] Hey, team. Welcome to my course, "Ecommerce Product Management and Storefront with GraphCMS, Snipcart, and Next.js." There's so much to learn from this course. Let's take a sneak peek of what you're going to learn.

[0:10] We're going to use GraphCMS to create a custom GraphQL API using custom schema models to manage page content as well as all the product details and categories for our product catalog. We're going to use Snipcart to add a shopping cart and full checkout funnel to our application using Stripe as a payment gateway.

[0:29] We're going to use Cloudinary to manage our media and optimize it to deliver as performant of an application as we can. We're going to even learn how to add a custom map with Leaflet so that we can add all of our store locations on a map for people to interact with.

[0:42] This is all going to happen inside of Next.js deployed to Vercel, where we're going to have a ton of capabilities, like dynamic routes and localization, so that we can deliver as best of an experience as we can. I'm super excited for you to dig in. I'm going to stop talking, and let's just dive right in.