Shorten Turborepo Logs using --output-logs

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Published 2 years ago
Updated 2 years ago

The logs produced by Turborepo can get really really long. Turborepo give us a flag, --output-logs and if we add on the argument new-only, it shortens the logs to just the new information for the repositories that have changed.

Instructor: [0:00] The logs produced by Turborepo could get really, really long. Let's scroll up, and this is way too difficult to read, especially when you have more than three projects. You can fix that by using the --output-logs flag and passing the new-only value. As you can see here, it says cache hit, and then suppressing output, suppressing output, suppressing output. [0:25] Let's update the index.tsx file in our Next.js application. Let's delete this. Now, let's run build with the --output-logs flag set to new-only. As you can see, the output is way shorter. We omit all the output for utils, all the output for dashboard. We only log the output for blog, because that is the project that changed, and Turborepo doesn't know anything about it.

[0:53] If we were to run this again, Turborepo will show us the short version of those three logs.

[1:01] To recap, you can reduce the length of your logs by adding the --output-logs flag, and set its value to new-only.

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