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    Avoiding Mutations in JavaScript with Immutable Data Structures


    This lesson teaches you the concepts of immutability, the difference between mutable and immutable data structures, and how to change data through mutable and immutable patterns. Immutable data is necessary in functional programming because mutations are a side effect. Our transformation of data should not affect the original data source, but instead should return a new data source with our updates applied.

    To demonstrate the difference between mutability and immutability, imagine taking a drink from a glass of water. If our glass is mutable, when we take a drink, we retain the same glass and change the amount of water in that glass. However, if our glass is immutable, when we take a drink, we get back a brand new, identical glass containing the correctly drank amount. Perhaps a strange way to conceive of the action, but creating new data structures makes our methods pure and thread-safe, a benefit of functional programming.