Build lodash.get from Scratch

Jamund Ferguson
InstructorJamund Ferguson

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Published 4 years ago
Updated 3 years ago

This lesson will demonstrate how to recreate a simplified version of the popular lodash.get method from scratch.

Our function takes 3 parameters obj, string and defaultValue.

The primary technique we discuss is splitting the string on any kind of separator we might see such as [, ], or . and then filtering out any empty strings we get in our array. Once we have that array of path parts, we can loop through each part with a for..of loop then keep reaching into object until we either a) run out of parts to try 🎉 or b) hit a dead end (null or undefined). The entire function is very simple to write, but can be incredibly powerful when you're safely trying to access large and complex blobs of data that might be coming from a database or server response.