Code sign your Electron application with electron-builder

Cameron Nokes
InstructorCameron Nokes

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Code signing ensures that your app was created and distributed by you or your company and has not been modified since it was built. It is done via a special code signing certificate issued by a trusted authority. While you can distribute your Electron app without signing it; code signing is a security best practice and is a prerequisite to implementing auto-updates in your app. We’ll walkthrough how to integrate code signing into your electron-builder build process, what happens when you don't sign your application, and how to verify it's been signed correctly.

This lesson assumes that you have already purchased code signing certificates from Apple and one of Microsoft's trusted vendors and have exported the certificate as a p12 or pfx file.

Adrian Twarog
Adrian Twarog
~ 3 years ago

How do you get the package to run the cmd package before building? I dont see any references?

Jose Torres
Jose Torres
~ 2 years ago

how do you make a p12 or pfx?