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    Create an Ember Project with the Ember-CLI


    We will learn how to install Ember-CLI and use it to create a new Ember project. We will also learn how to run the Ember project.



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    To get started with Ember, we actually have to install the Ember CLI library. Let's start by running MPM install-g Ember CLI.

    After install, just run Ember-v and make sure it's the latest version which is 1.5 at the time of this recording. We can now create our project by running Ember new, hello Ember, press Enter, and the project will be finished. Now let's change to that directory with our project.

    If you run LS, we can see everything in the folder and see our various folders for the application. Let's run Ember server so we could see our actual application in the browser. You will see local host 4200. Let's check out our browser. You'll see welcome to Ember.

    Let's load up the actual Ember project and we're going to open up our application.hbs file. You'll be able to find that under the app folder, templates, and then application.hbs. We'll change "Welcome to Ember" to say "Hello Ember."