Tag parts of speech using Natural

Hannah Davis
InstructorHannah Davis

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Published 6 years ago
Updated 3 years ago

An important component of many natural language processing projects is being able to identify the grammar of a piece of text. We’ll learn how to do that with Natural’s parts of speech (POS) tagger.

There are many tags, and it's worth looking them up online (search "POS tag symbols") to become familiar with them all.

The setup of the tagger may seem a little strange, but it allows you to replace the lexicon or the rules with a different lexicon or rule set of your choice.

~ 4 years ago

This didn't work for some reason with the latest version. Used the sample from https://github.com/NaturalNode/natural#pos-tagger

var natural = require("natural");

var path = require("path");

var base_folder = path.join(path.dirname(require.resolve("natural")), "brill_pos_tagger");

var rulesFilename = base_folder + "/data/English/tr_from_posjs.txt";

var lexiconFilename = base_folder + "/data/English/lexicon_from_posjs.json";

var defaultCategory = 'N';

var lexicon = new natural.Lexicon(lexiconFilename, defaultCategory);

var rules = new natural.RuleSet(rulesFilename);

var tagger = new natural.BrillPOSTagger(lexicon, rules);

var myString = "Lys soldered the beautiful jewelry pieces".split(" ");