Break up language strings into parts using Natural

Hannah Davis
InstructorHannah Davis

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A part of Natural Language Processing (NLP) is processing text by “tokenizing” language strings. This means we can break up a string of text into parts by word, sentence, etc. In this lesson, we will use the natural library to tokenize a string. First, we will break the string into words using WordTokenizer, WordPunctTokenizer, and TreebankWordTokenizer. Then we will break the string into sentences using RegexpTokenizer.

~ 3 years ago

As someone who's unfamiliar with NLP, I find this library amazing! This is a really great overview of Natural!

~ 2 years ago

Given the version of the package featured in this tutorial (0.4.0) is now 3 years old, is most of the content still applicable or have there been major api changes since then?