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    Introduction to Execute npm Package Binaries with the npx Package Runner


    In this course we are going to be talking about a little utility called npx. If you have npm version 5.2 or above, then you already have npx installed on your machine. It enables you to play around with node packages in a way that wasn’t really easy before.

    Have you ever wanted to run a locally installed node_module, but you didn’t really want to jump through hoops to do so? Or how about playing around with a package from the npm registry, but you don’t really want to install it globally yet? Well, npx is the tool for those things. You can even play around with experimental GitHub branches with npx, and so much more.

    I find myself using npx all the time. It’s one of those tools, where at first you think, "Ohh that’s simple", but then the more you know about it, it can do so much more than you thought at first. So, sit back and enjoy learning about npx.