Create a Database Record with Prisma Client

Ryan Chenkie
InstructorRyan Chenkie

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Published 3 months ago
Updated a month ago

Prisma Client offers methods to create new database records. These methods accept a data object and return the result to be consumed by clients. In this lesson, we use Prisma Client's create method to create new records in the database.

Ryan Chenkie: [0:00] Prisma gives us methods to create data. We can create an endpoint here to add new products. Let's copy over the get endpoint. We'll make it a post endpoint going to products. In the handler, we can add in new products.

[0:13] Our constant of product now, singular, will be a call to await prisma.product.create(). The create method needs an object, on which we need to have a data key. Supply an object to the create method, put in a data key, and then on the data object, put in values for all of the columns that we'll need.

[0:33] On Mac OS, we can do Control-Space bar to find the property names that are required. We can supply name, description, and price.

[0:48] Save the call to create and then open up a res client to make a POST request to the products endpoint. To stick within VS Code, you can try Thunder Client. It's an extension that you can install in the Extensions Marketplace.

[1:03] We get back the new record with a unique id, and we can verify within Prisma Studio that the record was created.