Use Prisma Studio to Create a Record

Ryan Chenkie
InstructorRyan Chenkie

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Published 2 years ago
Updated a year ago

Prisma Studio is a GUI for viewing and interacting with our databases. In this lesson, we view our database with Prisma Studio and use it to create our first record.

Ryan Chenkie: [0:00] Running Prisma Migrate will create a SQLite database for us if we don't already have one created. We can visualize this database and look into the tables and data within it using any kind of database client that supports SQLite, or we can use Prisma Studio. In the command line, run npx prisma studio.

[0:21] Prisma Studio is a fully featured GUI to look at databases constructed with Prisma and has some special features that go beyond a typical database client. Click into the product model or product table and verify that the fields created for this table do exist.

[0:37] Prisma Studio allows us to easily add records right in place, and we can get our initial data started here. Come over and add in an initial record. Keep in mind that the price field is counting the number of cents instead of dollars. Click Save to save that change.