Fully Render React Components with Enzyme

Tyler Clark
InstructorTyler Clark

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Full DOM rendering is ideal for use cases where you have components that interact with DOM APIs, or require React lifecycles. In this lesson we will render components with the mount method from Enzyme. We’ll pass through customized options to render our component differently.

Shazaib Ahmad
Shazaib Ahmad
~ 3 years ago

jsdom is a bit confusing when ejected from create-react-app. As within create-react-app it listens to env=jsdom in the test script. How do you go about this when ejected? Is the setup any different?

Aleksandr Gorin
Aleksandr Gorin
~ 2 years ago

We installed jsdom. And what is the next step? I didn't understand how can we use it. We even didn't import it in our test and didn't add it into config...