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    Run a React Native App on an iOS Device

    Chris AchardChris Achard
    react-nativeReact Native

    Our app runs in the iOS simulator but now we’ll finally run it on a device! For iOS, our app can be run on a connected device directly from xCode.



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    Instructor: To run the app on an iOS device, first plug the device into your computer with a cable. Then, starting in the root of the React Native project, go to the iOS folder and open the Xcode project file.

    Once the project loads, find the device drop-down selector and scroll to the top of the list. If you see "No devices connected to my Mac," then your phone isn't connected properly. Once it is connected, you'll be able to select it at the top of the list.

    You can also configure this by going to product destination. If you've never deployed to your phone before, Xcode will ask you to configure it for development. Then check the project's general tab and find the signing section.

    If you signed up and connected your Apple Developer account, you'll be able to select it here. If you've never created an Apple Developer account before, first head over to and create an account.

    Then you can can add your account to Xcode by going to Xcode preferences. Under the accounts tab, you're able to add a new Apple Developer account. Finally, with your iOS device selected and the proper account selected, find and press the play button, which will compile and launch your app on your phone.