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    Outro: Up and Running with Remix

Outro: Up and Running with Remix

Kent C. Dodds
InstructorKent C. Dodds

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Published 3 months ago
Updated 3 months ago

Thank you for making it through my course on Remix! There is a ton more in Remix but is too much to get to in a single course so look forward to more in the future!

Kent C. Dodds: [0:00] Hey, everyone. How did it go? I hope you really loved it. I am afraid to tell you that there's actually a lot more to Remix and to the web platform that we just don't have time to get to in a single course. Look forward to a lot more of stuff like this in the future.

[0:16] Hopefully, this gave you an idea of the basics of loading data, mutating data, authentication, create, read, update, delete, all of that stuff, error handling, pending UI. There are things like HTTP caching and optimistic UI and things like that that we didn't have time to get to today. There's a lot there.

[0:34] I'm excited that you got started on this journey with me. I'm looking forward to the cool things that you build. Please let me know of the cool things that you build as you take this knowledge and build awesome web applications with this stuff. Look forward to even more awesome stuff coming from me and many others in the community in the future. We'll see you around the Internet.