Install the Latest Vim on a Mac with Homebrew

Michael Chan
InstructorMichael Chan

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Published 3 years ago
Updated 2 years ago

The version of Vim that comes with your operating system is out of date. You can find download instructions at for all platforms. However, the easiest way to get the latest Vim on a mac is with Homebrew…

Michael Chan: [00:00] If you have Vim installed, type Vim and Enter to launch it. The version that you're using will be shown on the launch screen. What came with your operating system is probably out of date. As of today's recording, 8.2 is the latest minor, so I'm behind. Let's exit Vim by typing :q Enter. Visit to get download instructions for our platform.

[00:26] On my Mac, I prefer to use Homebrew to download and install this type of software. It allows me to run a command like brew install vim. I'll head back to my terminal. With brew installed, I'll run brew update and brew install vim. This might take several minutes if this is your first time running this install. I had it run previously, so it'll be really quick.

[00:49] Now that installation is complete, we can type Vim Enter again and should see that the version has changed to the latest available. If you don't see a difference here, try opening a new terminal window and typing Vim Enter again to launch. You might just need a fresh instance of a terminal to pick up the new version.

[01:06] That's it. That's how you install the latest version of Vim on a Mac with Homebrew.