Open Files in Vim with the Edit Command

Michael Chan
InstructorMichael Chan

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Published 3 years ago
Updated 2 years ago

Use the edit command to open files in Vim's normal mode.

Type :edit, leave a space and hit <tab>.

This brings up a mini file explorer that can be navigated with <tab> or the arrow keys...

Instructor: [00:00] To open a file, use the edit command in normal mode. Type colon edit. This is a common command and can be abbreviated to colon e. Type a space and hit tab. This brings up a mini file explorer relative to the directory you open vim from.

[00:17] Using tab and shift + tab will cycle it forward and backward through the files in the current directory. The right and left arrow keys will do the same. The up arrow key takes you up a directory. The down arrow moves you into the directory under the cursor. Hit enter to open the highlighted file.