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    Load Vue Async Components

    John LindquistJohn Lindquist

    Vue provides a straight-forward syntax for loading components at runtime to help shave off initial bundle size. You simply define a function that returns an object with a component property pointing to a promise that loads a component, then Vue takes care of the rest for you.



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    Instructor: 00:00 I can take out this three component, create a file called three.js, export this three component, it is like that. Back in my app, I can dynamically load the three component are called as async three.

    00:21 This will be a function which returns an object where the component is an import statement pointing to the component. I'll say components/three. On my list of components, I can do one, two, and async three. I'll open up the network tab, make it quite a bit bigger, and you'll see I'll switch to two, nothing loads.

    00:48 I'll switch to three and you'll see I get three.chunk, and their responses is three component with that code in component code in there, which was loaded dynamically.