Pass Vue Render Functions as Props for Powerful Patterns

John Lindquist
InstructorJohn Lindquist

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Render functions open up a world of customization and control by using pure JavaScript rather than Vue's templating language. When you need to pull off something super custom (or maybe you're just coming from React-land) you can turn to Render functions to save the day. This pattern demonstrates something very similar to a "bind" effect in a Vue template, but allows much finer control and customization.

Jared Hensley
Jared Hensley
~ 3 years ago

I know the idea is to have small bite sized videos but it would be helpful to have some usefulness attached for more context. Thank you.

~ a year ago

Hi John, In your index.js, why would someone use the export { default as Name } from 'module' instead of export Name from 'module'? I love your content man. Thanks :)