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    Course Overview: Modern JavaScript Tooling with React

Course Overview: Modern JavaScript Tooling with React

InstructorAndy Van Slaars

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In this course, we'll start with an empty directory and build up a starter project for building a React application.

Along the way, we'll work with webpack and babel to transform, code-split, and bundle our code. We'll create npm scripts to execute commands and work with git and GitHub to track changes and share our code in public. We'll build quality into our project with Jest for unit testing and ESLint for static analysis. We'll configure Prettier for formatting and then enforce all these quality checks before commit with git hooks. We'll even incorporate some accessibility checks and enforce some best practices in React with react-axe, React's StrictMode and a default ErrorBoundary component.

Whether you end up using the resulting project to start new projects of your own, or you continue to use great community tools like Create React App, you'll leave this course understanding the underlying tools and how they work together.