Introduction: Statechart Driven UI Components with Zag.js

Segun Adebayo
InstructorSegun Adebayo
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Published a year ago
Updated a year ago

Thanks for taking a look at my course on how to build statechart driven UI components with Zag.js.

Logic in a UI component can get tricky with the states and actions that you are juggling as a user interacts with your interface. This is why I believe statecharts are a game changer in building out logic that is bug-free and maintainable.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Breakdown components into a set of finite states
  • Capture logic in a state machine that is readable and understandable
  • Share logic visually with your team
  • Interact with state machines from a UI component

Segun Adebayo: [0:00] Hey, welcome to my course on how to build UI components with Statecharts and Zag.js. My name is Segun Adebayo. I'm excited to share practical ways to build UI components using Statecharts and Zag.js.

[0:13] Statecharts are quickly becoming a great way to manage, communicate, and visualize complex UI components and logic. In this course, we're going to build a pin-input component using Zag.js.

[0:26] First, we'll look at how to interpret the logic of this component and create state transition diagrams from them. Next, we'll explore how to translate the logic into state machine code with Zag.js. Finally, we'll convert all that code into a reusable custom React Hook.

[0:45] Thanks for watching. Let's get started.

~ 2 hours ago

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