Own Your Online Presence

Are you...

  • Looking for a new job?
  • Trying to make a good impression to the people making hiring decisions?
  • Worried about how you're being perceived online?

A collection of templates, guides, and resources to spruce up your online presence and make a great first impression.

Why pay attention to your online presence?

  1. The people making hiring decisions will Google you. It's usually the first thing they do — your online presence is your first impression. Make sure it makes you look good.

  2. Control what people know about you before you meet IRL. If your work, thoughts, or hobbies are online, you might want to control which ones show up or, more importantly, which ones show up first.

  3. Put your best foot forward. Take a look at yourself through the internet's eyes and optimize what you see. Help Google showcase your best self.

How it works

Stage 1: Take stock of what's out there

Google yourself. See what shows up. Get a sense of how people are piecing the real you together.

Stage 2: Build the right tone

Work backwards from the kind of job you want to figure out what kind of impression you need to make.

Stage 3: Damage control

Edit and update your social media, GitHub, and personal website.

Stage 4: Strategic additions

Take it to the next level by adding content to appeal to the hirers you're specifically interested in.

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Your online presence is your first impression. Make it count.

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