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Getting Started with Gatsbyjs recipes


Khaled Garbaya
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There are 1000s of plugins and themes in the Gatsby eco system, which is amazing but introduces the problem of deciding which to use to accomplish the feature you actually want to build.

Analysis paralysis is real.

Enter: Gatsbyjs Recipes

Gatsbyjs Recipes are run from the CLI and automate common tasks like creating pages and layouts, installing and setting up plugins, adding a blog to a site, setting up Typescript, and many more.

With the release of this new feature, Gatsby has created 11 official recipes that you can explore including: ThemeUI, Sass, Cypress, animated page transitions, and persistent layout components.

In this collection, you will learn how to:

  • Set up Gatsby to use Recipes
  • Create a multi-step Recipe
  • Install NPM packages
  • Configure Gatsby Plugins
  • Create Custom files with Recipes