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Angie Fu
Angie Fu

Angie is both an interaction designer and a front-end developer, so their portfolio demonstrates a mix of both skills.

They do a good job of explicitly saying how they individually contributed to projects, rather than leaving us to make assumptions. Great work rarely happens alone, and it's always a good idea to state exactly how you individually contributed to a team project.

Their Mo'Coffee project is an especially good example of how to present a project with rich contextual detail. They explain what problem the team was trying to solve, what challenges they faced, the process, the pain points, the prototypes, and the final outcome.

Designers usually receive a lot more training in how to present and communicate their work than developers, which is why developers can learn a lot from looking at designer portfolios. The problem is many of us miss the point – we only see the pretty homepage instead of paying attention to how they define their work in terms of problems, hypotheses, processes, and solutions.