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Animate React Apps with Framer Motion


Will Johnson
33m closed-captioning
12 lessons
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Published 2 years ago
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Animations do more than just look good. They can draw the user's attention to important information or let them know they can interact with certain elements.

You can use them to smooth transitions and bring your applications to life. It makes you stand out from the usual wall of text that you see on most applications.

But here is the issue, animations can get complicated. You have to have a good understanding of how CSS works but it takes hours of studying before you can even start trying to animate.

Framer Motion solves this for you and Will Johnson will show you how.

The Project

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In this course, you’ll iteratively add animation to a fully-styled shopping list app that’s built-in React.

You’ll see how Framer works out of the box, and learn just how customizable it is. Throughout the course, Will demonstrates animation through changing size, direction, and even appearance.

It has smart defaults that handle making the animations smooth and performant. Automatically animating layout changes. It does so much for you it almost feels like you're cheating.

You’ll even see how to animate the path of an SVG making it draw the path for your image.

Gain these Skills

Will gives you the knowledge of how to incorporate Framer Motion into any React application. You will be able to customize your animations to do whatever it is you want/need and show your users what items on your app are interactable. You’ll be able to take your static application and make it interactive.


There are no prerequisites for this course. The application we are working on is already built for you so you just have to be able to follow along with Will as he integrates Framer Motion into the app.

What’s Next?

If you are further interested in learning about animating your applications, Spring Animation in React with React Spring is a great place to learn! Christian Nwamba will teach you the skills to begin using the react-spring library and add animation to your React components.

If you are interested in more courses by Will Johnson, he has a mini-course on how to Create A Blog With Jekyll. Will shows you how to download, install Jekyll plugins, and create blog posts.

Free Community Resource

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Course Content

33m • 12 lessons

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