Build Your First Production Quality React App

15 - 16
Andy Van Slaars

Andy Van Slaars

Andy is a full stack JavaScript developer currently working as an enterprise architect for Cengage Learning. In his role, Andy is responsible for strategic technology decisions for educational applications for both web and mobile applications. He loves learning new libraries, languages and tools and is passionate about sharing what he learns with others.

About the Course

With the variety of choice we have in building modern web applications using JavaScript, it can make it difficult to understand where to even begin. We live in a wondrous era, where every problem we have seems to have a corresponding javascript module on npm that we can install with just a few keystrokes. It’s easy!

Often, “easy” can mean the opposite of simple. Easy is “quick to do”, where simple is “quick to understand”.


In this course you will learn how to build production quality React applications. We will strive to keep things as simple as possible, with minimal dependencies. Instead of typing npm install, we will build our own simple solutions first, to get a solid understanding of the problems that we are solving through libraries. We will build our tools in a functional style, and write appropriate unit tests to verify that they work as expected.

If you are brand new to React, you’ll want to read the documentation and watch our free React Fundamentals course.

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