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Construct Sturdy UIs with XState


Isaac Mann
39m closed-captioning
8 lessons
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Published 4 years ago
Updated 3 years ago

Our applications have lots of states that they can be in.

We usually remember “Loading” and “Successful”. If we’re having a particularly good day, we’ll get “Error” handled as well.

But what about other states that our application can be in?

Things like “Haven’t requested yet” or “The request was successful but there isn’t any data for us to show”.

It’s frustrating to think you’re “done” and then an edge case shows up (and this cycle repeats at least one more time).

Fed up with forgetting to handle the edge cases that appear when developing UIs, Isaac Mann started looking for a solution.

The answer? State machines.

In this course, Isaac will teach you how to plan and visualize your application’s states and the transitions between them through the creation of a React & XState powered Star Wars quiz app.

What you'll learn:

  • Handling HTTP request state
  • Blocking state transitions with guards
  • Parallel state transitions
  • Communicating between state machines in different components with the Actor Model
  • Saving previous state history

Course Content

39m • 8 lessons

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