illustration for Create a Landing Page with CSS Grid and Flexbox

Create a Landing Page with CSS Grid and Flexbox

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Published a year ago
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It's tempting to pick up a framework which has preselected flexbox or grid as the layout tool of choice, but it's important to learn when and why to use each method. This leads to slimmer stylesheets which results in better site performance, and less likelihood for "hacks" to make one method do what the other does inherently better.

Throughout this collection, we will be progressively styling a responsive landing page template while building your knowledge on when to select grid or flexbox for any layout scenario. Spoiler alert: sometimes the best solution is using both!

Learner Reviews

  • Pat Ugarte
    5 months ago
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    How will you use what you learned from this course?

    This was amazing! Thank you so much. I'm learning CSS and this clarify a lot of things about CSS-Grid concepts and how to properly use it.

Course Content

20m • 5 lessons

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