illustration for Create an Accessible Audio Player with the HTML Media Element and React

Create an Accessible Audio Player with the HTML Media Element and React


Lindsey Kopacz

1h 4m closed-captioning
16 lessons
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Published 3 years ago
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We'll be focusing on building an accessible component by using a built-in browser API with React to implement best practices in accessibility custom features.

Everyone is responsible for accessibility, and we need to start creating features and websites with that in mind. The goal of this course is for you to exploit your understanding of HTML and aria and be able to look at any common features and identify the different accessibility patterns.

With this course, you won't only learn about accessibility but also will learn about HTMLMediaElement API and state management in React.

This course applies some best practices for creating custom audio controls for web applications accessible to users with assistive technology, such as screen readers. It advises using the built-in controls provided by the operating system, making sure that custom controls can be accessed using a keyboard and make sense to a screen reader, testing the custom controls with a screen reader, and avoiding duplicating information that the screen reader already provides.

It also uses the loadedMetadata event to ensure that audio has finished loading before allowing interaction and labeling elements with a unique id to make them easily distinguishable by assistive technology.

Course Content

1h 4m • 16 lessons

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