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Create Interactive 3D Experiences with TresJS


Alvaro Saburido

52m closed-captioning
13 lessons
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Published 2 months ago
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Struggling to Create 3D Web Experiences with Vue?

When it comes to incorporating 3D graphics into your Vue applications, you find yourself facing a significant challenge: the complexity of directly using Three.js.

You've tried to work with Three.js before, but found yourself:

  • Overwhelmed by the low-level APIs and complex setup required
  • Struggling to integrate Three.js seamlessly with Vue's declarative and component-based architecture
  • Spending hours trying to understand and manipulate 3D scenes, materials, and lighting
  • Frustrated by the lack of a Vue-friendly solution for creating 3D web experiences

It's time consuming, there has to be a library for this right?

Imagine Effortlessly Composing 3D Scenes with Vue's Declarative Syntax

Picture a world where you can create stunning 3D web experiences using the same declarative approach you love about Vue.

Imagine being able to compose 3D scenes, models, and animations using familiar Vue components and directives, without having to dive into the complexities of Three.js.

Envision a future where you can:

  • Declaratively define 3D models, lighting, and scenes using Vue components
  • Leverage Vue's reactive data binding to create interactive and dynamic 3D experiences
  • Easily animate and transform 3D objects using Vue's built-in directives
  • Create reusable and composable 3D components that fit perfectly within your Vue workflow

It's made possible with TresJS

Alvaro Saburido, the author of TresJS, has produced this course so that you can start using it, and understanding it as quickly as possible.

You'll learn how to:

  • Set up and integrate the library into your existing Vue apps
  • Set up 3D scenes
  • Manipulate 3D objects and lighting
  • Animate objects using the "render loop"
  • Outsource 3D models
  • and tie the properties of your models to reactive state

Don't let the complexity of Three.js hold you back any longer.

Take the first step towards creating an engaging 3D experience with Vue and TresJS. Hit Start Watching and bring your 3D visions to life!

Course Content

52m • 13 lessons

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