Create Smooth, Performant Transitions with React Transition Group v2


React Transition Group gives you the power to transition React components in and out of the DOM, depending on the state they’re tied to, with no weird hacks. Without React Transition Group, you may find yourself using a lot of display: none in your CSS, along with some pretty nasty setTimeout hacks. But with it, you can write your transition elements with a neat, declarative, all-new API — and no hacks in sight.

You’ll get to explore v2 of the API in this course, as Rory Smith shows you how to use the React Transition Group library to write seamless, performant, beautiful transitions of elements in and out of the DOM. (i.e. no more jumping from state to state without warning.)

You’ll learn the features of React Transition Group in depth, so that you can turn features of your React app from dull and boring to slick and seamless.