illustration for Manage Application State with Jotai Atoms

Manage Application State with Jotai Atoms


Daishi Kato

18m closed-captioning
10 lessons
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Published 3 years ago
Updated 3 years ago

jotai is a primitive and flexible state management solution for React.

jotai gives you a minimalistic API that you can use that separates your state management from your UI. You get the benefits of well manages state AND you don't have to set up any boilerplate like defining actions, reducers, dispatchers, or stores.

You create an atom and you're off to the races managing your application state.

In this course, you'll build an SVG drawing application. You'll see how you can represent the canvas as state through atoms and add svg path, change the path colors, delete, and even undo actions. You'll sum up your learning by learning how jotai can isolate state in your applications by using and composing Providers.

You'll be able to use the concepts you learn here to manage any state in your own application.

This course covers the core API that you'll need to know for managing state in React with Jotai. If you're looking for a state management solution with minimal boilerplate that scales as you need it you should check this out.

Free Community Resource

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What you'll learn:

  • Share state between components
  • Derive state from jotai atoms
  • Prevent re-renders with write-only atoms
  • Compose jotai atoms for complex functionality
  • Track application state history through jotai atoms

Course Content

18m • 10 lessons

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