illustration for Manage Application State with Mobx-state-tree

Manage Application State with Mobx-state-tree

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Published 7 years ago
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MobX State Tree (MST) is a library that helps you organize your application states in a very structured manner. It allows you to create a component model, but for your data!

Course instructor Michel Weststrate—creator of Mobx—will teach you to model application state after your problem domain with MST. You will get hands-on practice and see how MST lets you solve problems with its out-of-the-box support for asynchronous actions, patches, snapshots, and middleware.

Over the 17 lessons, you’ll build a little bookshop application using React, MST, and create-react-app, while learning how to manage the lifecycle of your data by describing data models.

Join Michel in one of the most popular courses on egghead!

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1h 19m • 17 lessons

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