illustration for React State Management in 2021

React State Management in 2021


Joel Hooks
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Managing state in a UI is challenging. It's genuinely difficult and the solutions require a depth of knowledge and experience to understand. Everything is a balance of tradeoffs in complexity, performance, and user experience.

This is a series of interviews with experts, open-source maintainers, and UI developers that have combined decades of experience building stateful UI applications for millions of users.

Part interview, part screen share, these videos should benefit you if you're building web applications.

They focus on React, but the underlying principles are valid for UI work in general (and beyond).

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This series digs into the deeper patterns of development with leading experts in the field. It's worth your time.


Maxime Bourgeois (illustration)

Questions to Reflect Upon:

  • How do you know when you need to use a state management library?
  • Why is state management challenging?
  • Why does state need to be managed?

Course Content

6h 52m ‱ 8 lessons

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