Up and Running with redux-observable

15 - 16
5 - 6
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Shane Osbourne

Shane Osbourne

Shane is a frontend web developer working at UK-based http://wearejh.com. Focussed primarily on Javascript tooling, he's the creator of http://browsersync.io and a regular contributor to many open source projects.

About the Course

In this course we will begin with nothing more than an empty directory & a text editor. Through small, focussed lessons we’ll learn how to setup a React project that uses Redux for state management and redux-observable for asynchronous actions. We’ll see how ‘epics’ are registered and how they each receive a ‘stream’ of actions from the store.

With an understanding of how things work, we’ll move onto solving common problems such as Ajax cancellation, creating sequences of async actions, enabling code reuse through higher-order Observables and much more.

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