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    Course Overview: SEO Friendly Progressive Web Applications with Angular Universal


    In this course we are going to build an Angular app from scratch using Angular CLI. The app that we are going to build is a simple product list and detail page. After this is done we will implement a common pattern by separating our components between Container components and Presentational components. We create a Service to handle our API calls, and make use of Angular Resolvers to fetch the data before the components are displayed.

    At this point our actual app is ready and we will move on by adding Server Side Rendering using Angular Universal. We will deploy the app to now.sh and add dynamic metadata to our pages. The app is now Search Engine Friendly and also has richt previews when being shared on social media. We will wrap the course up by adding a Service Worker using Angular PWA.

    When you finish this course you will be comfortable in creating a modern, Search Engine Friendly application in Angular, from scratch or use the patterns in your existing applications.