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    Use the Angular CLI Environment to Define Constants

    Bram BorggreveBram Borggreve

    A default Angular application ships with two default environment files that can store constants that are different for each environment, one for development and the other for production.

    We will define the apiUrl constant in both development and production environments.

    The value for development is http://localhost:3000/api and the value for production is .

    In angular.json we can find a configurations object where our production build is defined. We can see that in a production build, the will replace environment.ts.

    Link to product api used in lessons

    angular-cliAngular CLI


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    Instructor: 00:01 We open source environments/environments.ts and set the API URL property to our local development API. In the environmental prod.ts, we set the API URL to the production version of the API.

    00:16 In angular JSON in our project, we'll find a configuration object that defines our production builds. Inside there, we see that in the production builds, prod file will replace the other.