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    Build a Powerful List with Ionic


    In this lesson, we are going to dig into Ionic lists and make use of some awesome list features that Ionic gives us for free. We are going to learn how to use the following Ionic directives:

    • ion-nav-buttons - Use nav buttons to set the buttons on your ionNavBar.
    • ion-list - The List is a widely used interface element in almost any mobile app, and can include content ranging from basic text all the way to buttons, toggles, icons, and thumbnails.
    • ion-item- Used to create items inside of an ionList.
    • ion-delete-button - A child of ionItem, this element allows a developer to show/hide a delete button within an ionItem with ease.
    • ion-reorder-button - A child of ionItem, this element allows a developer to reorder an ionItem within a list easily.