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    Build and Run an Ionic App from Scratch

    Lukas RuebbelkeLukas Ruebbelke

    In this lesson, we learn how to install Ionic and Cordova. We then build an app from scratch using the Ionic CLI and a blank starter template.



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    Welcome to the first video in the "Build an Ionic Application From Scratch" series. The first thing we're going to do is install Ionic and Cordova, so we'll hop into our command line and we'll type, pseudo MPM install, hyphen G for global, Ionic and Cordova.

    We'll go ahead and hit enter. I'll enter my password, and then MPM will go ahead and install Ionic and Cordova. This will take just a moment, and once it is completed, we will go ahead and test to make sure that Ionic and Cordova installed correctly. We'll type Ionic in the command line, and then we will also type Cordova in the command line, and both of these installed correctly.

    The next step is to create our Ionic project, so we'll go, Ionic Start, eggly-ionic and we're going to go with a blank template. We'll hit enter here, and then Ionic is going to install the Ionic dependencies, as well as pull down the blank starter template.

    Now that this project has been created, we'll go ahead and step into the eggly-ionic directory, and we will just make sure that it is running properly by going, Ionic serve, which is going to open a web-based version in the browser. You can see here that on local host port 8,100, we have our blank Ionic starter template and this is where we are going to build out the rest of our application.