Use Bash Keyboard Shortcuts

Cameron Nokes
InstructorCameron Nokes

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Published 4 years ago
Updated 3 years ago

Bash keyboard shortcuts make it faster and easier to get things done at the terminal. In this lesson we'll look at the following shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+A - go to the beginning of a line
  • Ctrl+E- go to the end of a line
  • Ctrl+K - clears line up to the cursor
  • Ctrl+W - delete last word
  • Ctrl+L - clear the screen (equivalent of the clear command)

Note: these shortcuts work on Terminal, iTerm 2, and Hyper. If you are using an alternative terminal, they may not work.

Instructor: [00:00] Let's say I have a long command here, I want to go to the beginning of the line, I want to go back here. I can use Ctrl+A to go to the beginning of the line, and then Ctrl+E to go back to the end.

[00:12] I can also use Ctrl+K to clear the entire line up to my cursor. You can see I'm in the middle of the line, I'm going to do Ctrl+K, it's going to clear all the text up to it. I can use Ctrl+W to delete the last word. Ctrl+W, Ctrl+W deletes those words. Then finally, Ctrl+L clears the screen. This is equivalent to the clear command which does the same thing.