Create a New System to Manage Your Content with a TakeShape CMS Sample Project

Colby Fayock
InstructorColby Fayock

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Published 4 years ago
Updated 3 years ago

In this lesson, we'll use a account to create a new sample project in the TakeShape CMS that we can use to build a new company website. We'll walk through using TakeShape's Startup starter template to prefill content that we can use to get started.

Colby Fayock: [0:00] We're going to start off with a new account logged in on If this is your first time logging in, you'll see this new page where you can Create a New Content Project. If you've already been here, you might already have some projects listed above.

[0:11] We're going to start off by creating a new project. If you look under the templates, there's a bunch of different options. We're going to go ahead and choose Shape Startup.

[0:18] For the name, you can put your company name or whatever you want. For me, I'm going to put My Startup Company. With the name, I'm going to click Create Project. After you create your new project, you're going to be taken to this Welcome screen.

[0:30] TakeShape does a pretty good job at guiding you through what you just did and how you can use it. Once you're done with your walkthrough, we can go through each of the pages and see what TakeShape just created for us.

[0:40] This template is meant to represent a startup. In addition to all these we pages, we also have a blog. This blog is prefilled with a bunch of posts to show exactly what we can do with their CMS. With all that content, we're now ready to get started.

[0:52] In review, we created a new project with a starter template from TakeShape. With that starter, TakeShape created a bunch of pages with prefilled content that we can use to get started with our website. With all that content, we're ready to go.