Update TakeShape CMS Managed Website Content and Redeploy Changes with Netlify

Colby Fayock
InstructorColby Fayock

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Published 4 years ago
Updated 3 years ago

In this lesson, we'll use the TakeShape CMS to update existing content on a website. We'll walk through navigating the TakeShape dashboard, updating the header on a website, and using Netlify to trigger a new deployment to refresh the content on the website.

Colby Fayock: [0:00] We're going to start off with a project that uses TakeShape CMS to manage its content. Say I want to change this header. How can I do that? To manage our content, you want to head to our TakeShape project's dashboard.

[0:09] Inside TakeShape, we're managing a bunch of pages but we want to focus on the home page. Once we click through, we can immediately see the same header that we saw on our site. If I want to change that, I can simply type in my new header.

[0:20] Once our content's change, we can now see a save by in which we can click. Depending on the site though, the project might not update immediately. We currently don't have any automation so we have to build this manually.

[0:29] To trigger a deploy, we can head to our project in Netlify. Once in that project, we can hand over to the Deploys page. Once there, we'll see a Trigger deploy button where we can click it and click Deploy site. After we triggered deploy, we'll now see that our project is building. Once it's published, we can preview our site and see our updated header.

[0:45] In review, we're starting with a project that uses the TakeShape CMS posted on Netlify. To manage our content, we were able to go to the TakeShape dashboard and go to the home page. Here, we were able to update the header to whatever we want.

[0:56] Once we triggered our new deploy in Netlify, we were able to preview our project with our updated header.