Creating Panel Banners on Twitch

Chris Biscardi
InstructorChris Biscardi

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Published 3 years ago
Updated 2 years ago

Many streamers use colorful banners on their stream pages that reflect their branding. Here's how you can create and use them.

Chris Biscardi: [0:00] Here we are on Twitch on my main account, looking at basically the channel page for my main account. If we scroll down, we can see that I have a number of panels here.

[0:13] These panels have various things, from a Twitter feed, to the next time that I'm going live on a schedule, to all of these nice banners that show a little bit more visually a bunch of content that I have here -- what I might be using to do the stream, some of my egghead collections, and stuff like that.

[0:34] There's a lot of channels that have these banners. We're going to go over how to set them up for your stream today. In this case, we're going to assume that you don't have access to Photoshop or Figma. If you do, you can use the same thing that we're going to do here with the appropriate dimensions and design your own custom banners.

[0:52] In this case, though, we're going to use the Nerd or Die panel maker, in which case we can say, maybe we'll have an About Us. The font size we'll make a little bit smaller, weight a little bit higher. I'm not a huge fan of Oswald, so let's look for something like Chewie, make it a little bit more playful. We can enable or disable this icon.

[1:16] In the icon picker you can see that there's Twitter, there's YouTube, there's Snapchat, and a couple of other different kinds of icons that we could use. In this case, I'm just going to use the warning sign here. We can save the settings and load the settings in later if we want to.

[1:35] For now, what we'll do is we'll save the panel image. We need to go to and go to our channel. We'll scroll down and go to Edit Panels. We can click this giant box. We'll click a Text or Image panel. We can hit Add Image here and navigate to the icon.

[1:51] It gives us an opportunity to crop it, but we don't need to because it was already cropped the right size. We can say that this will link somewhere. I'll link this to my Twitter account, then say, "Test account, need to show how to use Twitch." Then we'll submit that.

[2:10] It doesn't say it's saved or anything, but the Submit button, if it's grayed out means that it is saved. We can go back up and Stop Editing panels, and then we get our panel right here.

[2:20] Now we can set up a set of different panels in different areas that we want here. If we don't like the way that the title looks above the actual banner, we can get rid of that. Then we just get the banner with the content below it. That's how to set up banners on Twitch.