WTF is Streamlabs?

Chris Biscardi
InstructorChris Biscardi

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Published 2 years ago
Updated a year ago

Streamlabs has two major halves: Streamlabs OBS, which is an OBS competitor, and Streamlabs-the-SaaS, which includes tools like chatbots, polls, giveaways, and loyalty rewards.

Chris Biscardi: [0:01] If you're going to stream for any amount of time and you want to be interactive with your chat or your audience, Streamlabs is one of the tools that you're going to want to know about.

[0:10] As we talked about before, Streamlabs has an OBS competitor called Streamlabs OBS, which, if you're on Windows or in the Mac beta, you should definitely use because the user interface is much better than just plain OBS.

[0:27] You can log in with Twitch, which will require you to authorize your account to do things. The first thing Streamlabs asks you to do is set up tips, which I'm not going to set up, so I'm just going to continue.

[0:41] Then it asks me to download Streamlabs OBS, but I'm not showing this to you on a Windows machine, so I'm going to skip that as well, even though I do use Streamlabs OBS for my primary streaming.

[0:53] Then they ask me to join Prime, which you can optionally do, and will give you a set of things that make it a little bit easier to do what you want to do. We'll just finish.

[1:03] After we finish, we're dropped in the dashboard, which focuses a lot on subscriptions and donations. We don't have any of those yet. We're going to take a look on the left-hand side here.

[1:16] Now the things that we care about are the Alert Boxes and Cloudbot. Alert Boxes will allow us to use a browser source to trigger different alerts. When we talk about alerts in the context of Twitch, they're usually a follow or a subscriber. They look something like this usually.

[1:39] This is a default alert. We'll go into customizing alerts in a later video. It's important to note that this paint is here that will let us customize anything from donations to follows and subscriptions. This is one really great way to interact with your chat.

[1:59] Another is Cloudbot. Now, Cloudbot is a number of different things. You can have anything from a simple check command, like exclamation point.

[2:11] Github is linked to Github repository that you own, all the way through to being able to start polls, do giveaways, or control any sort of loyalty points where people can earn points on your screen for watching for longer periods of time, and then you can let them redeem those for different things like playing a GIF on screen.