Starting a Twitch account to livestream

Chris Biscardi
InstructorChris Biscardi

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Published 2 years ago
Updated a year ago

We cover some of the twitch interface and open a twitch account

Chris Biscardi: [0:00] We're going to start off with Twitch as our first platform. You can stream from any different platforms. You can stream from Twitch, from YouTube, even Twitter or Facebook.

[0:10] We're going to start with Twitch, because Twitch has what I consider to be the best features for code streamers and people who want to do things that are interactive with their audiences in their chat and things like that.

[0:23] You have much less control over being able to interactively participate with box that you'd write on other platforms. Twitch just makes everything a little bit easier because this is their main purpose.

[0:39] This is what you're going to see when you hit Twitch, the Twitch page for the first time. We're going to go over, we're going to sign up in a second.

[0:47] Just to explain the interface here, we've got a number of recommended live channels of fairly popular streamers. Most of them are going to be video games. If you're doing code stream or design stream, you're probably not going to ever show up here. That's totally OK.

[1:04] The audience that you're looking for for your code streams is mostly going to come from places like Twitter and other places that engineers and people who write code hang out. If we scroll down, we can see a number of categories. In these categories, one of them is going to be "Just Chatting" which might be one of the categories that you stream under.

[1:23] Another one that a bunch of code people stream under is called Science & Technology. There is no Web programming or native programming or design category. You have to go to Science & Technology, scroll down a little bit. See what is around.

[1:42] There are people streaming game dev, there are people doing things like live earthquake maps. On the left here, you have a bunch of recommended channels. I think RocketLeague is here because they have a championship series going on right now. I would assume there's a similar thing. Yeah, mousesports versus FaZe Clan verse CS:GO.

[2:02] Basically, Twitch was built around gaming so that's most what you're going to see. We sign up, you have to choose a username. I already have a Twitch account so I'm going to make a second Twitch account so that we can play together. It's going to be eggheadchris for me. I have to go verify my email address.

[2:20] You'll notice that while I'm using my stream setup to record all of this, I don't have to show any of you all of my secrets because I have a second monitor on which I'm working. In a later video, we'll cover how to separate the things that you don't want people to see on stream from the things that you'd want to show everybody. We can't paste that in, which is horrible. 547102.

[2:46] Another tip is that when you're streaming, always have a can of water, or some glass of water, or something like that around. You will be talking a lot, which means that you will need to refresh your mouth a lot.

[2:58] We get to choose some interest and stuff. We don't really need to do this because we're going to be streaming. I am just going to try to refresh the page and see if it will skip. It looks like it did.

[3:10] That's it. We have a Twitch account, and we're ready to go.