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    Install the Flutter SDK & Create Your First Project


    In this lesson, we’ll learn how to download & install the Flutter CLI from the Flutter website. We’ll then use the Flutter CLI create our first Flutter project.



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    Instructor: The first thing we'll do is we'll visit the Flutter documentation at Flutter.io. Here we'll find the Get Started button and click it to look at the installation instructions. On the installation page, we'll be asked to choose the operating system which we'll be working with. For me, that's Mac OS.

    Next, we'll go ahead and download the latest version of the Flutter SDK. Once the SDK has been downloaded, go ahead into your command line and change into the directory where you'd like the binary to live.

    On my machine, I've created a folder called Bin where I store these types of executables. I'll change into this directory and unzip the location of the newly-downloaded SDK.

    Once the SDK has been downloaded, I'll append a new item to my path using the parent working directory /Flutter/Bin. Next, I'll change out of this directory and run the Flutter command. If the SDK is properly installed, you should now see a list of options when you run the Flutter command.

    To create a new Flutter project, we can run the Flutter create command followed by the name of our app. Once the application has been created, we should be able to change into the new directory and view the files in the project.