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    Install MDX in a New Gatsby Project


    Gatsby and MDX make a great pairing. Here's how to set up a new project with gatsby-mdx to write pages and other content using MDX.



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    Instructor: First we'll initialize a new Gatsby project using the default starter. Then we'll install gatsby-mdx and its dependencies, mdx-js/mdx and mdx-js/react. With mdx installed, we'll open our project. We need to modify the gatsbyconfig.js file to add the Gatsby mdx plug-in. Now we can run our project.

    Once we've run our project, we can take the localhost URL and put it into our browser. Finally, we'll create a new page using an mdx to show that gatsby-mdx and mdx.js are working. Gatsby-mdx includes default support for source pages if we include a file with a .mdx extension. Now the site is rebuilt, we'll go to page 3. This is our mdx file.